Let's Runaway

How am I supposed to forget you when your scent is all over my room? How am I supposed to look at my arms and not think of you when you slept in them? How am I supposed to watch our movies and not burst into tears because I remember everything you said throughout the whole movie? How am I supposed to not compare myself to the girl you said you liked after we had been dating for a year? How am I ever supposed to look at myself in the mirror and be happy with what I see knowing I wasn’t enough for you? How should I believe that someday, someone will see in me what you didn’t? How come you don’t feel anything for me anymore after such a long time together? How do I not mean anything to you, just like that? How did you move on so quickly? How could I have ever meant anything to you if you could hurt me like that?

I don’t know any answers to any of those questions.

But I do know HOW this hurts like hell at the moment, and it should, but I know HOW much stronger I’ll be after this. I know I’ll thank you one day for smashing my heart into pieces because it made me smarter in the end. I know HOW much it hurts to get fucked over. I never want anyone to feel this way so I will be careful in any relationships I might have in the future. I know HOW I might think this is the end of the world but it’s not, it’s (as cliché as it sounds) only the beginning of something better.

I know how, in the end, I will be okay. And that’s all that matters.



Oh wait this is a reality now
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